The Anderson Group WISER Network™

Get the best on your side

The Anderson Group WISER Network™ of seasoned leaders exemplify the best of leadership; they are Wise, Insightful, Strategic and Experienced. These luminaries — drawn from boardrooms and executive suites, higher education and political office — stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we work with our clients.

These extraordinary individuals, including Bill Dimma, William Thorsell and Shann Turnbull, share our vision of equipping today’s leaders with the mindset, skills and relationships to succeed in creating smarter organizations committed to a stronger, healthier and more prosperous society.

The Anderson Group WISER Network™ is comprised of acclaimed leaders, drawn from four continents, who have truly “been there, done that”.

By exposing our executive clients and their senior teams to the combined experience of our WISER Network™, we create powerful moments of learning and the experience of meaningful connection. We offer clients unparalleled opportunities for lasting insights that accelerate leadership development, catalyze organizational performance, and deliver results that matter to stakeholders.