Governance House

A place to learn, share, and be inspired in leadership

Governance House is where leaders come to learn, share and be inspired. It is a place of exceptional beauty and functionality, purpose-built to allow leaders to test new ideas, consider different perspectives and build productive relationships.

Governance House was designed to host leaders in private thought sessions, intimate receptions and full scale team retreats. We invite our clients to make good use of Governance House to advance their leadership agenda – whether that be in one-on-one sessions with an advisor from our team, in small group discussions with their executive or board committees, or in dialogue with members of our WISER Network™. Such meetings may be fully catered per your needs, in our comfortable, professional setting.

Governance House - lounge, west
Governance House - Sky Loft

Governance House is thoughtfully located by Grange Park in the heart of Toronto, a short walk from the city’s central business district, the dynamic Queen Street West community, and the creative centres of the AGO and OCAD University.

Please be in touch to learn more about Governance House and ways to deepen your involvement in the enterprise of leadership.

Governance House: Lounge, South
Governance House, Boardroom